Wall Planters with Drip Tray

Elevate your plant display with this contemporary succulent planter, featuring a concealed, twist-off drip tray. This wall-mounted planter is simple to install, either with two screws or the renter-friendly 3M Command Strip option. This adaptable flower pot adds a stylish touch to any indoor space. It is 3D printed using biodegradable bioplastics, making it an eco-friendly choice. Perfect for anyone looking to add greenery to their space with a hint of modern design.
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Made & Shipped from Canada

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Planter Pals

Your whimsical companions for adding a touch of charm to any space! Delight in our adorable collection featuring Piglet, Narwhal, and Bear. These 3D-printed planters are designed to snugly hold plastic pots for effortless plant swaps. Whether adorning office desks or enlivening indoor spaces, these lovable characters bring joy and greenery to your surroundings.

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